Medical Device Distributors of Hawaii primarily focuses on cardiovascular medical devices. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in Hawaii. Cardiovascular disease and stroke are responsible for 4,000 deaths per year. Over 18,000 hospitalizations every year in Hawaii result from cardiovascular disease, accounting for about 22 percent of all Hawaii hospital costs.


On Hawaii, culture, history, and customs play an important role in doing business and building relationships. Being mindful and sensitive to Hawaiian customs and history will help you build positive relationships and facilitate your success. We offer:

Local Insight and Experience.

We live on Hawaii and understand local market dynamics and are knowledgeable on local customs, culture, and history.

Go-To-Market Experience.

We have substantial experience bringing new products to market. Launch experience includes medical devices, capital equipment, digital therapeutics, and SaMD.

Health Systems and Physicians.

We know all facets of the healthcare system and fully understand the patient journey. We have extensive experience working with health systems and physicians.

Business Startup and Growth

Whether you are starting a business or need to scale and get traction, we can help. We have experience assisting entrepreneurs with go to market, strategic planning, and sales messaging. 


Medical Device Distributors of Hawaii offers a variety of services to help you achieve your goals.

Business Development

Drive product adoption, increase program enrollment, generate leads, and execute business development strategy. Commercial strategy, go-to-market, and value proposition development.

Ask A Nurse

Medical Device Distributors of Hawaii is pleased to now offer concierge nursing services. Are you wondering if you should go to the emergency department or urgent care? We have a board certified emergency nurse with 20 years experience on the team to answer your questions. Ask A Nurse service gives you a fast and easy way to decide.

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In addition to medical devices, we can help SaaS and Healthcare IT companies engage Hawaii focused health plans and employers. Below are services we offer for SaaS/Healthcare IT customers.
SaaS Healthcare IT

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Bobby Jackson, MHA

Bobby Jackson has over 20 years of healthcare industry experience. His experience includes sales, marketing, contracting, strategic partnerships, account management, M&A, and physician practice management. Bobby has medical device, digital therapeutics, and SaaS experience. Bobby has extensive experience working with C-suite, physicians, health systems, and physician practices. Bobby’s senior leadership experience includes being a chief operating officer twice and a variety of vice president roles. Bobby is an entrepreneur and has started and invested in several companies. Bobby has a master’s degree in Health Administration from the University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA and he completed the Medical Marketing and Mergers & Acquisitions executive education programs at the UCLA Anderson School of Management in Los Angeles, CA. Bobby is a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives (, Medical Group Management Association (, and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (

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